Software specific to you


We provide automation services ranging from simple data entry and invoice automation to tasks involving ETL, data post processing and Machine learning.

Our customised solutions are developed around your specific requirements in a suitable environment.

This can be automation within existing applications utilising the embedded software (i.e. Microsoft Office Suite, Zoho CRM) or creation and customisation of tools and modules (via API).

Website Revamps

At Evex we know that having a high-quality, quick loading website is one of the biggest advantages you can have as a business.

We offer website optimisation (i.e. SEO, Site Speed) and revamping services.

Show your customers you mean business with a professionally designed, unique website.

Customer Relation

Every business dealing with customers can benefit from use of Customer Relation Management systems (CRMs).

We provide a service of setting up a CRM system based on your business requirements, we can also develop embedded solutions to customise your CRM experience as required.

Software Analysis

If you have outdated custom software solutions or otherwise dysfunctional code (i.e. slow, error prone or otherwise non fully functional), we offer software analysis services where will validate, verify, refactor and document your code.

This will transform your outdated or dysfunctional code into something that is reliable, robust and well documented.